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When to Submit the Application | 3 min read

• The graduate application deadline will be between December to January.
• Be sure to check all the requirements and prepare for them.
• Benefits of applying for an early decision: it gives you enough time to complete the application when documents are missing, enables you to leverage time left to apply to other programs, and etc.

Most Graduate Applications open in August to September of the previous year, if you’re applying for the fall admission. It is best to start a plan to apply as early as possible, familiarize yourself with the admission process, and figure out what is in need.

You should check out what the requirements are. Institutions might have different standards so it might be tricky. It is general to submit the documents in the format as PDF: documents such as CV, SOP, and PHS. A transcript often needs to be scanned in advance.

The application deadline will be between December to January, sometimes the deadline might be changed by the university. After applying, it is no longer to edit the application so be sure to revise it before application. You should pay particular attention to reporting your GRE and TOEFL(if applicable) scores since it takes time to arrive at the university so be sure to check the receipt of the university.

The letters of recommendations as well ask for you to be attentive. Because your reference should send the letters to the university: Many programs accept letters of recommendation via an online application system and it goes like this.

1. During your online application process, you would find the section of letters of recommendation. You should enter the personal information of your recommenders such as their full name, status, affiliation, and email address.
2. The university/program will send a request email directly to your references for letters of recommendation. It is an automatic email in most cases. Your reference should then follow the instructions in the email to upload the file prepared. They might create an account of the website to upload your reference letter.
3. Check the status of your letters of recommendation in the application. You could also gently remind them of the deadline if they haven’t uploaded the letters yet.

What are the Advantages of Applying Early Decision

Deadlines for scholarship applications are often a month earlier than regular admission. So it might increase the chances of getting admitted when you apply as early as possible. And of course, there are advantages for early applicants as follows.

Firstly, you have enough time to complete an application when your documents are missing in delivery. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that the documents in delivery are missing since you have hundreds of competing applications. It could happen due to system or internal errors. You could avoid this If you apply earlier and check the delivery status.

Secondly, you are able to leverage time left to apply to other programs, after getting an early admission. If so, you can get the decision letter in early December. You can then remove the safety/match schools on your list and spend more time resources to apply for your reach/dream schools.

Thirdly, the odds of getting accepted are increasing. If you apply to graduate programs based on rolling admission, it is way advantageous to you if you apply as early as possible. With these programs, it matters when you apply. You should apply before the spots are filled up. Those universities don’t indicate the application deadline, they will go over the applications as they received them. It takes eight to ten weeks to make a decision.

Advantages/benefits aforementioned apply to applicants who have already completed the general requirements. You should know that the admission committees are reviewing the application only for whose required documents are submitted. If you don’t have one of the following, it is no use in applying: three letters of recommendation (Due to programs, two letters are acceptable), GRE scores, or TOEFL scores above minimum scores.

The Steps of Applying to Graduate Schools will be more discussed in the continued articles.

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