Careers after graduate school

In the previous article, I talked about a postdoctoral researcher, one of the careers after graduate school. In this article, I will elaborate on the careers in the academic world, and other options you may take for your future.

1. Stay in the academic world

After graduate school, you could continue your academic career as a researcher/lecturer. The standard academic ranks are ascending in this order - lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and a full professor. It takes on a five-year basis to be promoted. In Korea, when you finally sign the contract as associate professor, you would be regarded on a tenure track. It means your academic achievements are appreciated and the position will be guaranteed at your affiliated university. There are also research professors, focusing on their academic interests and studies.

Once your lifelong academic achievements are recognized and you have influences on your own field, now you are near to the positions as Emeritus/Chair professor. These honorary positions are given to professors who are prominent in academia.

2. Head to the Business world

Getting a job at a Conglomerate company (such as Google, Samsung, and LG, etc.) is one of the most favorable career paths in Korea as well as in other countries. As you might know, for MA or PhD degree holders it might be easier to get a position than undergraduates because they have their own specialty. As a newbie in the job market, you should decide what direction you head to. 1) Consider your future job which is not your specialty, or 2) Consider the position in the related field with your major.

Depending on your position, you would do the research in the laboratory of the company or you will work as an office worker along with coworkers. For example, if you hold a degree of materials science engineering, you could continue the research in the company’s institute related to the semiconductor.

Otherwise, you can work for International Organizations. Notable International Organizations are such as the United Nations(UN), International Police Organization(INTERPOL), the World Health Organization(WHO), and NATO. For example, if you have a pharmaceutical degree, you can apply for the position at a company such as Pfizer or at WHO, the World Health Organization.

As a CEO, you can start your own company. Think about the Facebook founder, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. He developed an idea about social networks and built a Facebook with which he learned from the university. Mr. Kim Bum-soo, the founder of Kakaotalk, holds an MS degree in industrial engineering. Almost every Korean uses Kakaotalk as a social chatting application. Kakao group now expands its business to various fields -taxi industry and the Fintec(banking service)- using the Kakaotalk application.

We just shared a brief introduction of options you may have but there are plenty of choices lie ahead of you in the future. We’ll be back to you with other useful information.

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