Food Delivery Culture in South Korea

The Food Delivery Culture in South Korea, it can not be exceptional in Korean culture. In today’s article, I will show you how this Delivery Services work in Korea. Using the delivery service has come into daily life, and foods can be delivered anywhere you want. Also, food and groceries are delivered early in the morning, which are ordered the night before.

Delivery Food Market
From chicken, noodles to beverages, you could get your ordered food within an hour by delivery service. Making an order is easy: calling the restaurant, using an online page of restaurant/cafe, or using delivery mobile applications. It has been developed in these 3 ways, and all of them are available now. Order by the app is the most used among them.

When you pay for the order, ①you could pay with cash or credit card in person, ②you could pay with the mobile payment by using FinTech. Mobile payment works in a simple way with registered credit or check cards. About this FinTech system, I will tell you later about details.

About the delivery apps, there are lots of apps available, and people are using Baedal-ui-minjok(배달의 민족), Yogiyo(요기요) most. These apps are similar to Ubereats system. Korean people are familiar with a number of deliveries in daily life. That’s why the catchline of Baedal-ui-minjok went viral once. The catchline was ‘What kind of people are we?’ ‘We are the Delivery People’.

Image source: Baedal-ui-minjok / Yogiyo

Also, Korean people order their food and have it delivered wherever they are. For example, the Han River Park in Yeouido, Seoul has the delivery spot to receive the ordered foods. Many people spend their time outdoors having their food delivered wherever they’re. Mind that you would put it on your to do list in Korea.

Food Groceries Delivery early in the morning
Ordering your groceries online and having them delivered the very next morning has been common. Various companies like Coupang RocketFresh, MarketCurly, and Hellonature are service-providers. People could get fresh groceries well-packed with cool bags, and also processed food such as meal kits.

With the meal kit, you could make Korean dishes such as Dak-galbi(닭갈비: Spicy Stir-fried Chicken), Budae-jjigae(부대찌개: Sausage Stew), and Gamja-tang(감자탕: Pork Back-bone Stew) easily at home. Meal kits are provided with the range of options, prepared food ingredients, and simple instructions. By following the instructions, anyone can make well home-cooked meals.

The services deliver for the food and beverage from existing famous restaurants or cafes as well. For example, you could eat the bread of the famous cafe at home, by simple order on online service!

With lots of Delivery Services, you could get anything and the delivery charge is not that expensive compared to the basic taxi fare, KRW 3,800. (Imagine the situation that you have to move while carrying the food you bought, it would be convenient by the taxi.) Most delivery charges are formed in KRW 2,000~5,000 or free if you exceed the standard price. So that many people feel more convenient for the service. Especially with the COVID-19, social mood demands the non-face-to-face culture, and the delivery service became necessary for the people. For now, the delivery service in South Korea would proceed in increasing consumer benefits. Come to Korea, and don’t miss the delivery service, enjoy all you can at home!

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