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• Tuition fees could be a hurdle to pursue Ph.D. studies in many cases.
• To lower financial hurdles, South Korea has built up scholarship opportunities.
• Eligibility and selection process may vary depending on the funding institutions.

Finding a decent scholarship can be a start to continue your studies in higher education. Looking back at the Tuition & Scholarship article, one of the biggest hurdles for Ph.D. studies might be the tuition fee. Tuition fees vary across the schools and countries you’re applying to. In South Korea, it ranges from $1,100 to $22,000.

To lower these financial hurdles, South Korea has built up scholarships. It is not only to encourage and foster future leaders but also to broaden to give opportunities for international students as well. Scholarship varies according to its funding institution. It could be awarded by the government, university, educational foundations. Eligibility for the scholarship, selection process, and criteria are depending on the institutions.

1. Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

The Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) Program is awarded by the Korean Government. The scholarship was designed to provide opportunities for international students to study at the Higher Education Institutions of South Korea. The host organization is the Ministry of Education of South Korea and the program is run by its affiliated agency, National Institute for International Education(NIIED).

The number of selected students is different every year but the selection schedule has been set to be once a year. The undergraduate level application is open in September and the postgraduate level in February. The GKS applicants must submit the applications either to the Korean Embassy where they hold citizenship or to the designated universities by NIIED. The selection process varies due to the track but it consists of three rounds: the document screening, the overall reviewing, and confirming the admission by the university.

The Scholarship beneficiaries will be provided with financial aids such as airfare, full tuition fees for their course, living expenses, medical insurance fee, etc. The selected students are supposed to take a one-year Korean language course at the designated institute but it is exempted for those who have acquired the certificate of TOPIK level 6. The applicants should not hold Korean citizenship to be eligible for the scholarship.

The GKS scholarship 2021 at the postgraduate level has been open and has been in progress. For more detailed information, please visit the website here: GKS Notice & Study in Korea website.

2. Scholarship awarded by University

The scholarship of the university is aimed at qualified students, the following is for those who are coming from out of Korea. Most scholarships are based on merit, your academic achievement or etc.

a) TA/RA (Assistantship)
To start off, those who are enrolled in graduate studies could get an assistantship or stipend by contacting the professor. You may prioritize this scholarship since it is one of the common scholarships at the graduate level. TA (Teaching Assistant) will be in charge of the courses for the undergraduates, the grading is the most part of the job. Whereas the RA (Research Assistant) will join in the Research project to assist the research process. In return, your tuition fees and health insurance will be done by the professor or the department.
*PhD.GO will share the position listing later so that students can find the opportunity and join the graduate schools.

b) Academic Excellence
Students who have accomplished a high GPA at the previous school could receive this scholarship. Both of the newly enrolled students and enrolled students are eligible for it. For enrolled students, they will be evaluated by their academic achievement of the previous semester. To renew the scholarship, it is supposed to meet the condition- maintaining the minimum GPA. Each university has different criteria to select its finalists.

c) Language Proficiency Scholarship
This type of scholarship might have different names from the universities but it is given for those who achieved a certain level of the Language(Korean or English) proficiency test. It is to raise the awareness of students for internationalization and to get them prepared for their future careers.
At Sogang University, students who get the TOPIK result over level 5 or the TOEFL iBT 80, will get the amount of scholarship equivalent to the 80% of the tuition fee. At Soongsil University, to receive a full-tuition scholarship for doctoral degree students, at least the TOPIK level 4 or 5 is required. It depends on the university, they sometimes support the test fee for students.

d) Other Scholarship
There are also other scholarships provided to certain fields and certain countries of students. Seoul National University has the Silk-road scholarship for graduate students who are in Korean studies.

3. External Scholarship (Outside Scholarship)

Other than University, public entities and private foundations also offer scholarship opportunities: Art Major Asian Scholarship from the Korean National University of Arts, POSCO Asia Fellowship from POSCO TJ Park Foundation, and Woongtoring School from Daewoong Foundation, to name a few.

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