Guideline for PhD.GO use

Dear prospective graduate students,

I appreciate your visit to PhD.GO and I am happy to announce our new website launch! ?

I just wanted to give you a guideline for PhD.GO use with a quick introduction of the website.

PhD.GO provides prospective graduate students with overall Thesis Advisor (PI, Principal Investigator) information. The given information is based on research interests so that you can match your research field to these potential advisors.

What’s the point of this? Thesis Advisor matters.

In your research career, the importance of the Advisor can’t be overemphasized enough. Choosing the right advisor is the key to success in academia since you are under their influences. The Advisor’s importance will be discussed in the next article. 

Let’s have a look at pages reached out to from the main page of PhD.GO.

Thesis Advisor Profile Page

Thesis Advisor Profile Preview (PhD.GO)

First off, the main page has Thesis Advisor Profile preview. It shows brief information about them such as affiliation and research area. You can also check whether the advisor’s lab has position openings for graduate students or not. When moving on to the profile page, you’ll find a short bio with Information and Papers tab just below.

Information Tab of Thesis Advisor Profile (PhD.GO)

On Information tab, you can check the lab overview, research area, contact information, and Advisor’s relevant papers matched to research keywords. Listed papers have their Impact Factor as well as citations for you to check.

Get access to Advisor’s contact information, just click the view button. Then you will find either the email address or URL to their lab page, or both of them. You can contact to Advisor directly to discuss the research interests or browse the lab page to get to know the ongoing research.

(Continued) Information Tab of Thesis Advisor Profile (PhD.GO)

On the bottom part of the profile page, there will be a linked page for scholarship information or article related to the advisor or research area.

Papers Tab on Thesis Advisor Profile (PhD.GO)

On Papers tab, all the papers authored by the Advisor will be listed.

Search Page

When typing 'Engineer' into search bar (PhD.GO)

You could reach the Search page by clicking either the ‘Find your Thesis Advisor’ or ‘Fit Your Research Interest’ button, or ‘Search’ on the menu.

All you have to do is just enter your research interests into the search bar. The relevant papers matched to your keywords will be shown as result. Reviewing these papers help you narrow down the research field and shortlist potential advisors; since the paper leads you to the Thesis Advisor profile. Leveraging the information, find and choose your right advisor. 

In case the keyword doesn’t match any advisors, try our related keywords instead. Checking related or popular keywords amongst users could be helpful to restrict your research field.

Blog & Scholarship information

The articles about graduate school worldwide to be updated on the Blog; Visa types of each country, living costs, city life, issues related to higher education, research fields gaining popularity, and job openings for a postdoc, etc.

I suppose that you may be interested in the scholarship for graduate school. Check out the general scholarship type by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button. For example, in case you are proficient in Korean or English and have a great GPA, you are likely to get a scholarship in Korea. But please note that submission of the language proficiency test result will be required as proof of evidence.

This is it. I think we discussed every aspect of New It’s simple and easy; Just enter your research interests into a search bar and then find the relevant Thesis Advisor listing.

If you have any questions or feedback to PhD.GO, please feel free to contact us at

* provides prospective graduate students with overall Thesis Advisor (PI, Principal) information. Just enter your research interests on the search bar of and check the relevant Thesis Advisor profile pages. The profile page has Advisor’s affiliation, lab overview, research field information, and their related paper matched to your search keywords. You can also check all the papers this Advisor authored with their impact factor as well as citation numbers.

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