Popular apps for Korean students

It is a global trend that people reach out for information in the mobile environment. Indeed, Korean is. The top ranked applications- mostly used- is Youtube, Kakaotalk, and Social media apps. Other than these, which apps are popular for Korean students? Let’s look into the following applications.

Karrot (Danggeun market 당근마켓)

image source: Karrot

Recently, the Karrot has gained popularity amongst Korean. Its Monthly Active Users exceeded over ten million in late September: Ten million is about one-fifth of Korean population. Now the Karrot is one of most successful start-up companies in Korea. Then, what is it?

It’s a mobile buy and sell application for locals. The listing is quite reliable because users are verified by the GPS whether they are from the same neighborhood or not. This simple idea made a lot of changes. First of all, delivery-cost saving. Both seller and buyer are living close, they just meet up with each other. After exchanges, the users can rate one another under the name of ‘Manner Temperature’, starting at 36.5 degree Celcius. If it is under 36.5, that means a cold-blooded person, right? Karrot is now becoming a community for locals. They are posting anything: sharing puppy photos, local event news, lost and found.

A while ago, the tap ‘Near Me’ was adopted. They have listings such as restaurants, stores, and part-time jobs. That reflects that Karrot became a social platform for locals and it works.

Albamon (알바몬)

image source: Albamon

Albamon is an platform that we can look for various job postings from part-time jobs to regular workers in public institutions are posted. It started from a website for job listings, and they developed an application, now they have grown to a platform.

It recommends part-time jobs according to user-set conditions, and also recommends by region, period, and industry. Also, it is very simple to apply for a job offer. You can just click it and submit the resume. They provide many examples of resumes, and they even provide employer’s career. In addition, you can socialize with other part-timers or workers through the Albamon community, ‘Albatalk’. Through the ‘Alba talk’, you can see other workers’ experiences and you can know much more about the field. You can also share work-related problems with the community and get help from it.

Today's house: Oneului jip (오늘의집)

image source: Today's house

'Today's house' is a one-stop interior design info-sharing platform. In the Today's house, you can get the overall information about interior design, also you can buy furniture, and you can get tips about interior designs. In Korea, the number of single-person households and the people who are new to living alone are steadily increasing. They usually live in the studio and have a similar environment. And most of them are new to society and want to decorate their own space. So, the ‘Do It Yourself’ guidelines/instructions that help you to decorate your own studio are popular.

People upload pictures or clips of their own beautifully decorated houses. You can look for other people’s houses through Today's house, and also refer to them in decorating your house. If you are still not sure, you can ask for the help of a mentor of Today's house. There are mentors in various interior design fields, so you can consult with detailed information on interior and remodeling. In addition, it offers many different services, such as shopping mall, interior design examples, remodeling service, etc. So, just taking a look is fun, and its service is getting bigger and bigger as more and more people are visiting the Today's house.

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