Subway in Seoul: Seoul Metro

As a newcomer to South Korea, you’d probably want some tips for public transportation here. Korean public transportation is well-known for its convenience. By the city bus and the subway, you could get to anywhere in Seoul.

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, has the best transportation system. Seoul Metro, the subway system of Seoul, has 9 lines. For example, Line 1 covers from Incheon, the city where the International Airports located, to the Northern and Southern area of Gyeonggi-Province. I’ll help you out to get to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system. You could experience various lines of Seoul Metro and be accustomed to the system soon.

Let’s take a look at the features of Seoul Metro.

(1) Screen-door platform equipped stations for your safety

Most of subway stations in Seoul Metro system have been equipped with the screen-door platform. Some stations are now under construction to have it for the passenger’s safety. Only after the train arrives at the station and stops, the screen door opens.

(2) Well-managed station with cultural offerings

Subway stations of Seoul are well-managed. You would be surprised at the condition of the toilets at the subway stations. Plus, the disinfection of the facilities is being processed regularly followed by the governmental guidelines.

Certain stations show off their cultural and historical backgrounds. For instance, you could find a replica of the Angbuilgu, the Hemispherical Sundial of the Chosun Dynasty era at the Gyeongbokgung Palace(경복궁) station. The appreciation of its original is available at the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

(3) Kings of Convenience : Facilities that anyone can use in Seoul Metro

The subway station opens at 5 am to 1 am. With this time table, you could use it late at night- no worries for a plan with friends! Accessibility to the convenient store at the subway station is another feature. You could find the CVSs nearby the ticket gate but some stations have the CVS such as StoryWay on their platforms. Can’t miss your mint!

Also, Seoul Metro provides you with the free Wi-Fi services. To get the free Wi-Fi, just find the subway station. It perfectly works on the train as well. Last but not least, the trains are fully equipped with the cooling and heating system. The summer and the winter of Seoul could be an experience for you. After hopping on the train? Problem solved!

Must-have mobile application for Seoul Metro

Kakao Metro (Image Source: Google Play Store)

This free application gives you not only the timetable but also the best itinerary scenario. You could check out which train is yours by the screen display on the platform as well. An alarm set-up is available, in case you want some power nap on the train but don’t want to miss the station to get off.

With my experiences, I strongly recommend you to use this app. Of course, you have other options when it comes to the metro application.

One more TIP!

Some of you might feel frustrated about which way you should head to get out of the station. All you have to do is find the exit number marked as yellow with the directional sign. Using the mobile applications would help you find a way, since they have information about the area near the station. Or just ask the metro staff or people around a quick question. I’m sure they are willing to help you.

How do I pay the subway fare?

There are two different ways to pay. You should buy a single journey ticket(single-use transportation card) or a prepaid transportation card such as T-money.

Getting a single journey ticket is available from the vending machine at the station by choosing your destination, but you should pay extra money for a deposit. Deposit money will be contained in an original price, and will be refunded from the vending machine at the station you arrive at. You can get a prepaid transportation card from any convenient store, but don’t forget to charge a certain amount of money to take the subway.

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