Support for International Students by Korean Universities

The number of International students studying in South Korea has increased and reached over 160,000 in 2020. You could easily hear conversations in different languages on campus here.

Due to the announcement of Korean Educational Development Institute(KEDI), the university having the largest portion of international students in Korea is Kyung Hee University, followed by Sungkyunkwan University, Korea University, Yonsei University, and Chung-ang University. These universities have over 2,000 international students. With these figures, Korean universities are trying to support International students, making them better able to settle down in a multicultural-friendly environment.

The Office of International Affairs(OIA) is the department in charge of international exchange and support for international members of university. They have several programs to support international students, so feel free to contact them-when you have questions about admission, visa issuance, financial aids such as scholarships.

With knowing difficulties international students might have(because they are far from home), universities are providing counseling programs in English or Chinese. If you speak another language, you could get help from a volunteer interpreter, so just ask your newly affiliated institution.

Universities have an International Student Organization(ISO), an independent student body. This organization is where international students and Korean students mingle one another, leading the organization together.

Image Source: HUFS ISO

At ISO, the students hold events like a welcoming & farewell party. During the exam period, they are offering snacks or coffee vouchers to its members. They are trying to make sure international students enjoy campus life just the same as Korean students do. The 1:1 buddy program helps international students settle in Korea, getting to know each other and learning about cultural differences throughout the program.

Also, some universities have English tracks in undergraduate and graduate studies. In these tracks, all the courses are processed and evaluated in English. These tracks are created for both international and Korean students, because Korean universities are trying to internationalize their campus and welcome the cultural diversities. These efforts make Korean universities more competitive than ever, with highly evaluated academic environments. You could find the result at THE and QS world universities rankings.

Korean universities strive to make international students feel as a community member, providing additional academic programs as well. For example, there are tutors and academic advisors for international students, helping them out to follow in class processed in Korean.

Also, International students are now making their voice heard by organizing the international students body. These activities allow the university environment to be more diversity-friendly, making the atmosphere warm and trustworthy. With these steps taken by, the Korean universities are now good places for international students to pursue their academic goal.

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