Unique cafes in Korea

Cafes are everywhere in Korea. Some are big as franchise cafes, and there are cute little cafes run by individuals. The reason there are so many cafes is the same as in other countries. A cafe is a space where you spend time drinking coffee or tea. You meet people and socialize with them, have your own time, and do studies at cafes. So, the variety of cafes increased naturally. Such as book cafes run by small bookstores, and cafes run by flower shops. In this article, I will introduce unique cafes in Korea. 

Animal Cafe

Among the animal cafes in Korea, the most popular places to visit are cat cafes and dog cafes. You buy a drink as an admission fee to enter into the cafe. In the cat cafe, you can give cats snacks and play with them. It is not allowed to bring your own cat as they could be stressed out(cats are territorial animals). Nevertheless, the reason cat cafes are popular is that you can still play with cats in cafes, so many people who want to raise cats but can't, visit a lot. 

On the other hand, a dog cafe is the place where dogs can run and play together, learning how to socialize. It is regarded as a puppy kindergarten, but actually we have these educational institutions for puppies in Korea that specialize in such education. There are dog cafes run by Stray dog shelters for the purpose of promoting adoption. In this cafe, you can adopt stray dogs through cafes. 

Recently, many unique animal cafes are increasing. There is a growing trend of unique animal cafes such as raccoon, sheep, meerkat, and parrot. 

Study cafe

Most study cafes are open 24/7 and have coffee machines and various snacks which you can eat as much as you want without an extra charge. There are several styles of room so you can choose the style you want. You can even book a meeting room for a tutoring session or meeting. 

You can use study cafes on an hourly basis or buy monthly tickets for cost-efficient. Before it was operated by staff, but recently, there have been unmanned systems using kiosks. 

There are several reasons people prefer study cafes over cafes. Study cafes are cheaper than cafes and Dokseo-sil(독서실). Dokseo-sil is a space where you can only study, with a little bit of white noise. However, study cafes have a little noise, like background music, which is quieter than cafes and have little more than Dokseo-sil. So, a study cafe combines the advantages of Dokseo-sil and cafes. Coffee and snacks provided at the study cafe can be eaten without an extra charge. You can also rent tables and chargers without an extra charge, and use Wi-Fi and multifunction devices. 

Multi-themed cafe

Multi-themed cafe is a place where you can play many different games. There are Nintendo games, Playstation, board games, a karaoke machine, and more. Also, they provide Wi-Fi and chargers without an extra charge. There are beverages and snacks which you can eat as much as you want,  and you can order a bowl of Ramen because after spending a lot of energy playing games your body call for a snack or meal. 

Multi-themed cafes run on an hourly basis or you can buy all-day tickets for cost efficiency. There are usually 10 or more rooms in one cafe and each room accommodates 2 to 4 people. Each room has a game player for each type, and you can ask the staff for the game you want to play. You can play other game CDs, or game type whenever you want. 

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