Universities reached by Seoul Metro Line 2

It is the second series of <Universities reached by each Seoul Metro Line>. Today, I will introduce Universities reached by Seoul Metro Line 2. green line. Fun fact! Many stations on Line 2 are named after the universities nearby.

1. Seoul National University

Seoul National University(SNU), it takes 20 minutes by bus from Seoul National University(Gwanak-gu Office) Station or Nakseongdae Station. A shuttle-bus is provided by the university from the station, too. Although Seoul National University Station is named after the university, it is well known for its far distance from the station to the university.

SNU is the very first national university in South Korea, being regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the country. SNU is ranked 37th at the QS 2021 world university ranking, which is 11th in Asian countries.

? Fun fact: In Korea, people call three universities as ‘SKY', and it is named after the name of universities, ‘S’ from Seoul National University, ‘K’ from Korea University, and ‘Y’ from Yonsei University. This is because these are the most favorable universities for students in Korea.

Seoul National University (Image Source:

On line 2, there’s the neighborhood called ‘Sinchon(신촌)’, it has famous four universities located close to each other.

2. Hongik University

Hongik University is 10 minutes walking distance from the Hongik University Station. The University aims at the goal ‘Industry-Arts Cooperation’, so that most departments belong to industrial and artistic disciplines.

You might have heard of Hongdae(in short of Hongik University), the neighborhood from the Hongik University station to the University. It is considered as one of Seoul's main streets. The streets have fancy restaurants, cafes, and other hand-crafted shops.

3. Yonsei University

Yonsei University is 10 minutes walking distance from the Sinchon Station. Yonsei is one of the famous universities in South Korea. (See above explanation about ‘SKY’)

Yonsei University is well known for its rivalry with Korea University, called together as Yon-Kodae(고대 : ‘Yon’  from Yonsei, ‘Ko’ from Korea, and dae means 대학교, the university). They hold several sports and cultural events to compete during the festival season.

4. Sogang University

Sogang University is also 10 minutes walking distance from Sinchon Station, and can be reached by Line 6, Daeheung Station.

Sogang University was established by Jesuit, the Catholic and being considered Liberal Arts College of Korea, with its small-sized and academic atmosphere. Early phase of the advancement of the university, the College of Economics became a major department, resulting in a strong alumni, so-called ‘School of Sogang’ and led the development of Korean Economy in the 1970-80s.

5. Ewha Womans University

Ewha womans University is 5~10 minutes walking distance from Ewha Womans University Station. It is the top Womans University in Korea, and one of the universities with a long history.

Ewha Womans University was established as Ewha Hak-dang, where Emperor Kojong granted permission to build the first female school. It was the beginning of Korean female education and that’s why Ewha Womans University is being considered as representative of female education. Besides, the University has lots of titles including the world’s first introduction of College of Engineering in womans university.

Following universities are located in the northeast area of Seoul. These universities are known for convenient transportation, being approached by various lines of Seoul Metro.

6. Hanyang University

Hanyang University is 10 minutes walking distance from Hanyang University Station, Wangsimni Station or Yongdap Station.

Hanyang University has supported the cluster connecting industry-university-laboratory, with its second campus called ERICA in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, which is near the Ansan Industrial Complex. With the cooperation of the industrial complexes nearby, the university provides opportunities for internship or professional experience for students.

7. Konkuk University

Konkuk University(KU) is walking distance 15~20 minutes from Konkuk University Station, Guui Station or Line 7, and takes 10 minutes by bus. The campus embraces Ilgamho, an artificial lake with a famous scenery.

Konkuk University has a strong background with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, and Veterinary. These departments have historically developed the related area of Korea.

Other Universities that can get by Line 2 are as follows:

- Seoul National University of Education from Seoul National University of Education(Court & Prosecutor’s Office) Station
- Korea National University of Arts(Seocho Campus) from Bangbae Station
- Chugye University for the Arts from Ahyeon(Chugye University for the Arts) Station
- Kyonggi University(Seoul Campus) from Chungjeongno Station
- Dongguk University(Seoul Campus) from Euljiro 4-ga Station or Dongdaemun History & Culture Park(DDP) Station

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