Universities reached by Seoul Metro Line 3&4

It is the third article of <Universities reached by each Seoul Metro Line> series. Let’s look into the Universities reached by Seoul Metro Line 3 and 4, the Orange and Blue Line.

1. Dongguk University

Dongguk University is 10 minutes walking distance from Dongguk University Station(Line 3) or Chungmuro Station(Line 3, 4) .

Since the University was founded by the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism, you can meet the buddhist monks from all over the world at the campus. As well as christian educational institutions, Dongguk University has religious classes-chapels in buddhist version- and students are supposed to take them; Zen meditation.

The University is located at the central Seoul, with an in-campus trail to Namsan Mountain-which is known for ‘N seoul Tower’.

Night view of N Seoul Tower

The neighborhood is also called Chungmuro, which represents the Korean film with a long history. People used to call Chungmuro as Korean Hollywood. In the early 1960s, Korean legendary films were released and made. The filmmakers gathered at the film studios of Chungmuro and formed the film industry. Today it’s having less influence , but it is still symbolic. For example, when people consider someone popular in movies, they are called ‘Rising Star of Chungmuro’.?

With its accessibility, the Division of Theatre in Dongguk University is one of the best departments of play and act. It has a history of 60 years and strong alumni leading the Korean film industries.

On line 4, there’s the neighborhood called ‘Daehakro(대학로)’, instead of its real name Hyehwa-dong. Daehakro was considered as a symbol of university, since there was the former campus of Seoul National University. Also in the 1960s, university students flooded this street to participate in democracy movements, and that image might give this impression of “Street of youths”.

As people got together in this neighborhood, the culture flourished in many ways- arts and play. Soon, It began to represent the Korean theater. Everyday, about nine to ten plays are shown on the stage at Daehakro. You also come across passionate busking performances on the streets of Daehakro today.

There are 5 universities nearby now- Sungkyunkwan University(Humanities and Social Sciences Campus), Seoul National University(Yeongeon Campus), Hongik University(Daehakro Campus), Sangmyung University, Hansung University.

2. Sungkyunkwan University(Humanities and Social Sciences Campus)

Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU), Humanities and Social Sciences Campus is 20 minutes walking distance from Hyehwa(Seoul National University Hospital) Station. A shuttle bus is provided by the university from the station, too.

The University has the longest history in Korea. It was established in 1398 by King Taejo in the Chosun Dynasty. At that time, Sungkyunkwan was the highest education institution to study and made the high level of academic achievement of Confucian Studies. So the College of Confucian Studies and Eastern Philosophy have the reputation of Sungkyunkwan University.

3. Seoul National University (Yeongeon Campus)

The former campus of SNU- the college of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences- was in Daehakro. The colleges moved to Gwanak campus in 1975, current main campus of SNU, and the former one turned into the Yeongeon campus.

Yeongeon campus has the departments of medical fields like the college of Nursing, College of Medicine and the headquarter of the SNU hospital. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Hyehwa(Seoul National University Hospital) Station.

4. Sookmyung Women’s University

Sookmyung Women’s University is 15 minutes walking distance from Sookmyung Women’s University(Garwol) Station. You could get from Namyeong Station, Line 1, taking the bus from stations is recommendable.

The University was founded by the Royal Family of King Go-Jong of the Joseon Dynasty in 1906. The fact that the very first Korean principal was appointed to this innovative institution under Japanese colonization holds important historical meanings. The university represents female education in Korea, following the Ewha womans University.

5. Hanyang University ERICA campus

Hanyang University ERICA campus is located in the city of Ansan, Gyeonggi-do(province). It takes about 15 minutes from the Hanyang Univ. at Ansan Station by the bus. A shuttle bus is provided by the university, too.

ERICA campus has formed the cluster connecting industry-university-laboratory, with the Ansan and Siheung Industrial Complex. The university aims to foster talented students with expertise in the STEM field and its effort resulting in selection for lots of national projects and positive evaluations from government and industrial companies.

Other Universities that can get by Line 3&4 are as follows:

- Kookmin University from Gireum Station
- Seokyeong University from Gireum Station
- Sungshin Women’s University from Sungshin Women’s University(Donam) Station
- Chongshin University from Isu(Chongshin Univ.) Station
- Korea Polytechnic University from Jeongwang Station
- Kaywon University of Art & Design from Indeogwon Station

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