Universities reached by Seoul Metro Line 5,6,7&9

This is the last article of <Universities reached by each Seoul Metro Line> series. We’ve learned about the universities located nearby subway stations. Thanks to the Seoul Metro system, most universities in the Seoul metropolitan area are easy to access from its stations. I hope these articles are helpful to you when you consider studying in Korea and plan to visit universities. Here are universities where you could reach by Seoul Metro Line 5,6,7 and 9.

1. Korea University

Korea University is 5-10 minutes walking distance from Anam(Korea University Hospital) Station, and Korea University(Jongam) Station on Line 6. It is well-known for its accessibility from the subway station.

The name of the university is pronounced as ‘Go-ryeo’ in Korean. It was named after the old Kingdom of Goryeo(918-1392) in Korean history. The country existed just before the Chosun Dynasty, being famous for its sophisticated culture. Outside Goryeo, it was written as Corea and it finally became Korea as now. That’s the reason why Korea university’s Korean pronunciation and its written name is different.

Korea University takes K of SKY universities of Korea. (Check about SKY in this article.) Students have cooperative academic traditions being closer to each other in networks. It means that they are all friends through Korea university.

Korea University (Image Source: photoKU)

2. Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University is 10 minutes walking distance from Heukseok(Chung-Ang University) Station on Line 9 and Sangdo Station on Line 7. It is accessible to Hangang Park so students often get to the park with friends.

Chung-ang University has a strong background with the Department of Media & Communication and the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. It has also reputations for the Biomedical field with its university hospital in front of the campus, in which the College of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

3. Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts)

It is 10 minutes walking distance from Dolgoji Station or Sangwolgok(KIST) Station on Line 6. 

Korea National University of Arts(K-Arts) was founded as the first conservatory of fine & practical arts in Korea. It aims to foster professional artists at the nation-wide level. K-Arts have six schools: Music, Drama, Film/TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Korean Traditional Arts.

To get admission to the K-Arts is not easy. People say most universities give the admission to their applicants if there still are seats for enrollment. But the admission committee of K-Arts has applied strict rules, they won’t select the applicants in case they can’t see the creativity at the audition, even when they don’t get full enrollments. Maybe that’s why the alumni of K-Arts stand out in their areas.

4. Korea Military Academy

Korea Military Academy is 15 minutes walking distance from Hwarangdae(Seoul Women’s University) Station and taking the bus is recommendable.

It is an institution for the training of military officers of the Republic of Korea. There are other institutions: Republic of Korea Air Force Academy in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do and Republic of Korea Naval Academy in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Only 17-21 years old Korean can apply and get admitted to the academy. There are extra entrance examinations and physical tests. After admission, the students are called cadets. Cadets learn military science, tactics as well as general sciences such as humanities, natural science and they are required to take physical education classes. After four years of preparation, they will be commissioned to second lieutenant.

5. Korea National Sport University

Korea National Sport University is 10-15 minutes walking distance from Olympic Park(Korea National Sport University) Station on Line 5 and 9. The university is educating students of elite sports. Most of Korean national athletes and medalists have studied here so students belong to a strong alumni network.

It is a national university specializing in sports and students can receive lots of support. So students can only enter a competition as a member of the national team and activities as a member of the business team are prohibited.

Other Universities that can get by Line 5,6,7&9 are as follows:

- Hanyang University from Wangsimni Station, Line 5
- Kyonggi University from Seodaemun(Kangbuk Samsung Hospital) Station, Line 5
- Sogang University from Daeheung(Sogang University) Station, Line 6
- Myongji University from Jeungsan(Myongji University) Station, Line 6
- Dongduk Women’s University from Seokgye Station or Wolgok(Dongduk Women’s University) Station, Line 6
- Kwangwoon University from Seokgye Station, Line 6
- Seoul Women’s University from Hwarangdae(Seoul Women’s University) Station, Line 6
- Konkuk University from Children’s Grand Park(Sejong University) Station, Line 7
- Soongsil University from Soongsil University(Salpijae) Station, Line 7
- Sejong University from Children’s Grand Park(Sejong University) Station, Line 7
- Seoul National University of Science and Technology from Gongneung Station, Line 7
- Sungkonghoe University from Onsu(Sungkonghoe University) Station, Line 7
- Eulji University from Namhansanseong(Seongnam Court & Prosecutor’s office) Station, Line 8

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