Where do the Korean students hangout? ①

Due to the OECD statistics, South Koreans are spending most of their time at work and so do the students studying. This might affect people’s attitudes toward their spare time. Korean people know how to hang out even if they have a short amount of time. Let’s find out what these people usually do when they have free time.

1. A Coin Noraebang (Co-No)

Koreans are so-called ‘the people of excitement’. Historical records show that Korean people embraced having fun as a part of their culture: they enjoyed singing, dancing, and drinking. Why do Koreans like to sing and dance? Because it runs in their blood. So they like to go to singing rooms to enjoy singing and dancing as much as they like. You can find the singing room in other countries as well, but ‘a Coin Noraebang’ is a specialty of Korea.

A ‘Norae Bang’ is a combination of 'Norae(Song)’ and ‘Bang(Room)’. It’s basically a room for singing that you pay to rent. What makes a Coin Noraebang differentiated from the old-style Noraebang is that you can extend the rent hours on your own by inserting coins into the machine. That’s why we call it a Coin Noraebang. In the old times, you needed to ask the staff at the counter for extended hours to sing.

There are some reasons why Coin Noraebang dominates over the other Noraebang. Firstly, they provide service at an affordable price. It’s almost half-price off compared to the other Noraebang’s price, you can sing 3 or 4 songs for 1,000 Won. Secondly, you can sing as many songs as you want, as much time as you want at Coin Noraebang. If you want to enjoy singing just for 2,3 songs, it perfectly works. But at other Noraebang, the service is offered on an hourly basis so you would end up leaving early, like an early checkout, with no refund- unless you are preparing for an audition. So I would say, a Co-No is intriguing for people who want to sing as much as they want, alone like nonstop.

So I would highly recommend you to go to a Co-No to make memories in Korea.

2. A Manhwa Cafe (a Comic book Cafe)

Back in the days, students used to get together at Manhwabang. A Manhwabang is a combination of the word ‘Manhwa’(Comic Book) and ‘Bang’(Room), the place is like a library dedicated to Comics but you can only enjoy it inside the library. Coming to the present age, the Manhwabang has also developed in the form of Comic book cafes. With the rapid growth of the Webtoon market, a Manhwabang, dealing with the Comic book as a hard copy, got their missions to survive. As of now, most of the Manhwabangs successfully transform into Comic book cafes.

A Manhwa cafe looks almost the same as other cafes but the huge difference on the menu. Ordering a bowl of ramen, a plate of fried rice is available here. It makes sense because after spending a lot of energy reading comic books, your body calls for a meal or a snack. Most Manhwa cafes have collections of Korean/Japanese classical comics. Available collections depend on the cafe’s decision, some provide their customers with American/European comics as well. Some places have canapes, so you’re able to get some rest there, reading comics. The fee is on an hourly basis, but a daily ticket price is quite reasonable.

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