Where do the Korean students hangout? ②

3. A Board Game Cafe

A Board game cafe is where you can enjoy board games with beverages. You can find board cafes all over in Korea. They have various games so you can enjoy them in one place. It’s okay if you are not familiar with the rules, just ask the staff and they will kindly explain to you with details. You can play other games whenever you want. The fee is on an hourly basis and the game participants need to order at least one beverage. Instead, you can choose the daily ticket as well, it is a more affordable price.It takes two or three hours to say the finish line of the game. Korean students like to visit the Board cafe with friends because they can have fun at a low price.

4. A PC Bang

Korean PC Bang

A ‘PC Bang’ is a combination of ‘PC’ and ‘Bang(Room)’. It is similar to regular PC cafes in other countries but the difference is that the Korean PC Bang is focusing on games. That’s why they called a PC Bang as a Game Bang(Room). I would say that it is a unique business model in Korea. Back in 1992, the very first PC Bang brought the concept of the cafe where you can use the computer in the market. There, you could do work on the computer or check emails, enjoying a cup of coffee. As the video game called StarCraft gained national popularity, the PC Bang became the best place for leisure, dominating over the indoor sports such as Billiard, Table tennis. It was the first grand step to the e-sports world.

5. The Movies

Watching a movie is one of the most popular and common hobbies in Korea. So, you could easily find movie theaters all over the country. The most famous multiplexes in Korea are CGV, Megabox, and Lotte cinema. Also, there are independent movie theaters. You can enjoy classic films and films with cultural diversities at indie movies.

In general, the average price for a movie ticket is 8,000~17,000 won. But movie theaters usually have services or events available for 10% off the ticket price.

If you want to book a movie ticket in English, you’d better make a booking online and then print out the ticket using the offline vending machine. You could appreciate the Korean classical films with English subtitles at Sinchon CGV and Yongsan CGV. In addition to these two theaters, various cinemas in Seoul also screen films with English subtitles.

Visit the website below for more information:

- CGV (

- Megabox (

- Lotte cinema (

6. A Shopping

If you like shopping, you would be fond of Korea. Like other countries, there are several places to enjoy shopping in Korea. Let’s take a look.

(1) A street shopping

Street vendors are easy to find in Korea. Some might have separate street stalls, most of them sell various items- toys, clothes, and accessories. But the most popular item is street food: korean snacks such as Tteokbokki, Eomuk Tang, Kimbap, Gyeran-Bbang, and Boong-uh-bbang. It depends on the vendor but there are some cases that bargaining is possible. So it would be fun to try it!

(2) Traditional market

Traditional market in Korea

If you want to experience Korean culture while shopping, it is a good idea to shop at a traditional market. At small cities in the provinces, markets are held every three or five days. During this period, you can buy the local specialties and enjoy the cultural events at the marketplace. It is not that expensive but you could make a try to bargain with merchants.

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