Ankur Singh

Georgia Institute of Technology

Associate Professor

George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

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#Medicine#Biology#Materials science#Immunology#Internal medicine#Immune system#Nanotechnology#Genetics#Pediatrics#Dermatology

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Citations of SCIE papers SCIE papers 04k8k12k16k20k02004006008001k1.2k1.4k1.6k

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • Self-Assembly Protein Nanogels for Safer Cancer Immunotherapy.

    2016/06 ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS 5.11 Impact Factor 34 citations

    Alberto Purwada, Ye F. Tian, Weishan Huang, Kathleen M. Rohrbach, Simrita Deol, Avery August, Ankur Singh

    DOI : 10.1002/ADHM.201501062

  • Expanding the genetic and phenotypic spectrum of popliteal pterygium disorders.

    2015/03 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS PART A 2.083 Impact Factor 30 citations

    Elizabeth J. Leslie, James O'Sullivan, Michael L. Cunningham, Ankur Singh, Steven L. Goudy, Faroug Ababneh, Lamia Alsubaie, Gaik Siew Ch'ng, Ingrid M B H van der Laar, A. Jeannette M. Hoogeboom, Martine Dunnwald, Seema Kapoor, Pawina Jiramongkolchai, Jennifer Standley, J. Robert Manak, Jeffrey C. Murray, Michael J. Dixon

    DOI : 10.1002/AJMG.A.36896

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Papers for author ‘Ankur Singh’: 93

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H-index 21
Number of NCS papers 6

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • Light-triggered in vivo activation of adhesive peptides regulates cell adhesion, inflammation and vascularization of biomaterials.

    2015/03 NATURE MATERIALS 39.416 Impact Factor 317 citations

    Ted T. Lee, José R. García, Julieta I. Paez, Ankur Singh, Edward A. Phelps, Simone Weis, Zahid Shafiq, Asha Shekaran, Aránzazu del Campo, Andrés J. García

    DOI : 10.1038/NMAT4157

  • Hydrogels and Scaffolds for Immunomodulation

    2014/10 ADVANCED MATERIALS 17.493 Impact Factor 202 citations

    Ankur Singh, Nicholas A. Peppas

    DOI : 10.1002/ADMA.201402105

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