Aaron Young

Georgia Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor

George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines

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Research Area

#Computer science#Simulation#Exoskeleton#Medicine#Artificial intelligence#Electromyography#Ankle#Control theory#Physical medicine and rehabilitation#Family medicine

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Citations of SCIE papers SCIE papers 08k16k24k32k40k070140210280350420490560

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by bing.com.

  • Analysis of using EMG and mechanical sensors to enhance intent recognition in powered lower limb prostheses

    2014/09 JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING 3.295 Impact Factor 127 citations

    Aaron J. Young, Todd A. Kuiken, Levi J. Hargrove

    DOI : 10.1088/1741-2560/11/5/056021

  • The exoskeleton expansion: improving walking and running economy

    2020/02 JOURNAL OF NEUROENGINEERING AND REHABILITATION 4.262 Impact Factor 50 citations

    Gregory S. Sawicki, Owen N. Beck, Inseung Kang, Aaron J. Young

    DOI : 10.1186/S12984-020-00663-9

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Papers for author ‘Aaron Young’: 19

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H-index 10
Number of NCS papers 0

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by bing.com.

  • Configuring a powered knee and ankle prosthesis for transfemoral amputees within five specific ambulation modes.

    2014/06 PLOS ONE 3.234 Impact Factor 136 citations

    Ann M. Simon, Kimberly A. Ingraham, Nicholas P. Fey, Suzanne B. Finucane, Robert D. Lipschutz, Aaron J. Young, Levi J. Hargrove

    DOI : 10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE.0099387

  • Intent Recognition in a Powered Lower Limb Prosthesis Using Time History Information

    2014/01 ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 3.195 Impact Factor 133 citations

    Aaron J. Young, Ann M. Simon, Nicholas P. Fey, Levi J. Hargrove

    DOI : 10.1007/S10439-013-0909-0

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