Ning Wang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering

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#Materials science#Biology#Cell biology#Chemical engineering#Chemistry#Mechanotransduction#Nanotechnology#Electrochemistry#Carbon#Biophysics

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Papers relevant to ‘Materials science’: 49

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Citations of SCIE papers SCIE papers 020k40k60k80k100k02004006008001k1.2k1.4k1.6k

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • A comparison of methods to assess cell mechanical properties.

    2018/06 NATURE METHODS 28.467 Impact Factor 198 citations

    Pei Hsun Wu, Dikla Raz Ben Aroush, Atef Asnacios, Wei Chiang Chen, Maxim E. Dokukin, Bryant L. Doss, Pauline Durand-Smet, Andrew Ekpenyong, Jochen Guck, Nataliia V. Guz, Paul Janmey, Jerry S.H. Lee, Nicole M. Moore, Albrecht Ott, Yeh Chuin Poh, Robert Ros, Mathias Sander, Igor Sokolov, Jack R. Staunton, Ning Wang, Graeme Whyte, Denis Wirtz

    DOI : 10.1038/S41592-018-0015-1

  • Thickness dependence of the charge-density-wave transition temperature in VSe2

    2014/08 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 3.302 Impact Factor 83 citations

    Jiyong Yang, Weike Wang, Yan Liu, H. F. Du, Wei Ning, Guolin Zheng, C. Q. Jin, Yuyan Han, Ning Wang, Zhaorong Yang, Mingliang Tian, Yuheng Zhang

    DOI : 10.1063/1.4893027

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Papers for author ‘Ning Wang’: 110

Number of published SCIE papers by year

H-index 29
Number of NCS papers 14

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • Tensegrity, cellular biophysics, and the mechanics of living systems

    2014/04 REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS 17.062 Impact Factor 334 citations

    Donald E. Ingber, Ning Wang, Dimitrije Stamenović

    DOI : 10.1088/0034-4885/77/4/046603

  • Transcription upregulation via force-induced direct stretching of chromatin.

    2016/12 NATURE MATERIALS 39.737 Impact Factor 321 citations

    Arash Tajik, Yuejin Zhang, Fuxiang Wei, Jian Sun, Qiong Jia, Wenwen Zhou, Rishi Singh, Nimish Khanna, Andrew S. Belmont, Ning Wang

    DOI : 10.1038/NMAT4729

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