Matthew West

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

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#Computer science#Aerosol#Particle#Markov chain#Mixing (physics)#Mathematics#Atmospheric sciences#Mathematics education#Chemistry#Mathematical optimization

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  • Aerosol Mixing State: Measurements, Modeling, and Impacts

    2019/06 REVIEWS OF GEOPHYSICS 21.449 Impact Factor 69 citations

    N. Riemer, Andrew P. Ault, M. West, R. L. Craig, J. H. Curtis

    DOI : 10.1029/2018RG000615

  • Single particle diversity and mixing state measurements

    2014/06 ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 5.053 Impact Factor 59 citations

    Robert M. Healy, N. Riemer, John Wenger, Michael A Murphy, M. West, Laurent Poulain, Alfred Wiedensohler, Ian P. O'Connor, Eoin McGillicuddy, John R. Sodeau, Greg J. Evans

    DOI : 10.5194/ACP-14-6289-2014

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  • The PyCBC search for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence

    2016/10 CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY 3.119 Impact Factor 350 citations

    Samantha A. Usman, A. Nitz, I. W. Harry, C. Biwer, D. Brown, M. Cabero, C. D. Capano, Tito Dal Canton, T. Dent, S. Fairhurst, M. S. Kehl, Drew Keppel, B. Krishnan, A. Lenon, A. P. Lundgren, Alex Nielsen, L. Pekowsky, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Peter R. Saulson, M. West, Joshua L. Willis

    DOI : 10.1088/0264-9381/33/21/215004

  • The Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators

    2016/08 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 1.515 Impact Factor 72 citations

    S. Karki, D. Tuyenbayev, S. Kandhasamy, B. P. Abbott, T. D. Abbott, E. H. Anders, J. Berliner, J. Betzwieser, C. Cahillane, L. Canete, C. Conley, H. P. Daveloza, N. De Lillo, J. R. Gleason, E. Goetz, K. Izumi, J. S. Kissel, G. Mendell, V. Quetschke, M. Rodruck, Surabhi Sachdev, T. Sadecki, P. Schwinberg, A. Sottile, M Wade, Alan Weinstein, M. West, Richard L. Savage

    DOI : 10.1063/1.4967303

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