Mark Bathe

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Department of Biological Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Center for Computational Science and Engineering

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Research Area

#Chemistry#DNA#Nanotechnology#Biology#DNA origami#Materials science#Biological system#Chemical physics#Cell biology#Biophysics

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Citations of SCIE papers SCIE papers 04k8k12k16k20k04080120160200240280320

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • Programming Self-Assembly of DNA Origami Honeycomb Two-Dimensional Lattices and Plasmonic Metamaterials

    2016/06 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 13.858 Impact Factor 116 citations

    Pengfei Wang, Stavros Gaitanaros, Seung-Woo Lee, Mark Bathe, William M Shih, Yonggang Ke

    DOI : 10.1021/JACS.6B03966

  • Role of nanoscale antigen organization on B-cell activation probed using DNA origami

    2020/06 NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 39.213 Impact Factor 42 citations

    Rémi Veneziano, Tyson Moyer, Matthew B. Stone, Eike-Christian Wamhoff, Benjamin J. Read, Sayak Mukherjee, Tyson R Shepherd, Jayajit Das, William R. Schief, Darrell Irvine, Mark Bathe

    DOI : 10.1038/S41565-020-0719-0

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Papers for author ‘Mark Bathe’: 55

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H-index 20
Number of NCS papers 10

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • Designer nanoscale DNA assemblies programmed from the top down.

    2016/06 SCIENCE 37.205 Impact Factor 344 citations

    Rémi Veneziano, Sakul Ratanalert, Kaiming Zhang, Fei Zhang, Hao Yan, Wah Chiu, Mark Bathe

    DOI : 10.1126/SCIENCE.AAF4388

  • Casting inorganic structures with DNA molds

    2014/11 SCIENCE 33.611 Impact Factor 222 citations

    W. Sun, Etienne Boulais, Yera Hakobyan, Wei Li Wang, Amy Guan, Mark Bathe, Peng Yin

    DOI : 10.1126/SCIENCE.1258361

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