Regina Barzilay

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computational & Systems Biology PhD Program

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Research Area

#Computer science#Artificial intelligence#Machine learning#Medicine#Natural language processing#Theoretical computer science#Breast cancer#Parsing#Artificial neural network#Cancer

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Citations of SCIE papers SCIE papers 04k8k12k16k20k02004006008001k1.2k1.4k1.6k

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • A Deep Learning Mammography-based Model for Improved Breast Cancer Risk Prediction

    2019/05 RADIOLOGY 7.931 Impact Factor 154 citations

    Adam Yala, Constance Lehman, Tal Schuster, Tally Portnoi, Regina Barzilay

    DOI : 10.1148/RADIOL.2019182716

  • Mammographic Breast Density Assessment Using Deep Learning: Clinical Implementation

    2019/01 RADIOLOGY 7.931 Impact Factor 99 citations

    Constance Lehman, Adam Yala, Tal Schuster, Brian Dontchos, Manisha Bahl, Kyle Swanson, Regina Barzilay

    DOI : 10.1148/RADIOL.2018180694

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Papers for author ‘Regina Barzilay’: 29

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H-index 14
Number of NCS papers 1

*Papers published between 2014 and 2020 were selected, and the citation number was determined by

  • A Deep Learning Approach to Antibiotic Discovery

    2020/02 CELL 41.582 Impact Factor 348 citations

    Jonathan M Stokes, Kevin Yang, Kyle Swanson, Wengong Jin, Andres Cubillos-Ruiz, Nina M. Donghia, Craig R. MacNair, Shawn French, Lindsey A. Carfrae, Zohar Bloom-Ackermann, Victoria M. Tran, Anush Chiappino-Pepe, Ahmed H. Badran, Ian W. Andrews, Emma J. Chory, George Church, Eric D Brown, Tommi Jaakkola, Regina Barzilay, James J. Collins

    DOI : 10.1016/J.CELL.2020.01.021

  • Prediction of Organic Reaction Outcomes Using Machine Learning

    2017/04 ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE 11.228 Impact Factor 317 citations

    Connor W. Coley, Regina Barzilay, Tommi Jaakkola, William H. Green, Klavs Jensen

    DOI : 10.1021/ACSCENTSCI.7B00064

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